Monday 29 March 2010

Here comes the future!

Wow its a 3D laptop With the development of 3D technology and the success of 3D films, most notably Avatar, it was almost inevitable that 3D would be developed for other digital platforms. 3D laptops are the latest step in the development of 3D technology, following on from blu-ray players and movies at the cinema. Acer and Asus have models in production, both of which are impressive bits of kit.

I went to see Avatar 3D at the cinema, and it was a pretty amazing experience, but with a lack of content to read, watch and interact with it seems as though 3D laptops still have a way to go. Check out Edward Baig’s article on USA Today for details on the current state of 3D laptop technology. There are plans to develop 3D websites, but its still early days. For us here at the Drawing Board this is very exciting and something we will be looking into! Watch this space.

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