Thursday 24 August 2006

Dogs 1 – Cats - 0

P1020670 The other day I awoke to my dog, Tequila, licking my face. It was 5.30am - she had decided it was a lovely cool, wet, drizzly morning, absolutely perfect for an extra early morning walk! being somewhat perturbed at being woke at such an hour (normally she lies in until 6.30am) I started to curse the day we decided that a dog would make our lives complete, "why didn't we just stick with 2 affectionate cats!"... and so the thoughts for the walk were cast...

I had waited a long time until my life was canine compatible... and the choice of a huge dog, a Leonberger, seemed like a good one at the time. Then the reality hit home, let's face it they aren't exactly hassle free... they need almost as much attention as a child, they stop you going places (pubs, cinemas etc) and you spend all your time and money trying to keep them happy. Whereas the cats, now woefully neglected, simply need the occasional feed, the odd grotesque fur ball cleaning up (our cats manage to do a full exorcist routine in the process and then sick up bizarre pooh shaped fur balls that horrify the uninitiated) and a bit of attention (when they decide they want it).

So what is it about dogs that makes them "man's best friend" - well my dog, Tequila, and our new puppy, Buca (Sambuca) have really tested the "best friend" bit. Only yesterday Buca decided that she was bored and wanted a bit of a buzz, so she bit through my laptop cable and found herself violently propelled through the air and with a new fuzzy hairstyle - and that was just from the electric shock... I won't say what i did to her! (Ok I'm a softy I gave her a cuddle and a "poor Buca"). So WHAT is it about dogs. Well dogs are like the perfect partner - you can do no wrong - even if you have ignored them all day! They don't sulk, criticise, or cajole - they are simply overjoyed to see you, and high on life - your life (and its a damn good one at that)!