Friday 27 July 2012

AA FAIL? Immoral earnings?

If a company insists you go onto Direct Debit for your car breakdown cover (“to make sure you are always covered”), initially ordered over the internet, is it immoral for them to automatically renew your insurance at the NON internet rate,  15% higher.

Not sure? Ask the AA!

When we did they reduced our renewal premium to the internet rate. We have since cancelled the direct debit and now receive monthly calls and letters saying that we are putting ourselves at risk, and should resupply our bank details!

In marketing terms this would be defined as a “dark pattern” – one which undermines the very basis of what the brand stands for. These “own goals” seem almost acceptable to consumers these days, and perhaps our failure to change provider is symptomatic of this.

Next year we switch to the RAC.

Wednesday 18 July 2012

We like Triodos Bank

Tim recently opened an account with this new ethical bank, Triodos, for his building company, Natural Path