Wednesday 18 May 2011

Quality counts

The other day my wife triumphantly announced she had found a trampoline selling for 1/4 of the price they normally do. This was terrific as we wanted it for our daughter whose favourite word is “bounce”…

Having spent most of a Sunday trying to put it together using the Pictionary standard destructions it was finally finished… and then we noticed that the frame leg on one side was cracked… not too bad only have to unbolt 4 nuts and put a new frame leg support on. Then we noticed a tear in the trampoline itself… that means taking all the upper part to bits and the biggest pain, rethreading the net. At least she could us it, and bounce she did… big smiles all-round.

And then the zip broke on the safety net… The thought of taking the whole thing to bits, to send it back, to putting up another one and finding similar problems is exhausting in itself. I guess the moral of this story is cheap is cheap for a reason!