Monday 16 November 2009

Brochures don’t market…

Buca - why? Because I love her... A lot of our clients start off thinking that they want an online brochure. We always ask the question “why” – why do you want a website, what do you want it to do. I think being so geographically remote from the nation’s commercial hubs has resulted in Cornwall having less exposure to professional marketing, and this is why people have less knowledge of the sales process and the role of their web site in it.

We spend a lot of time helping our clients understand what it is they are actually selling… how they are different and what the role of their website is… inevitably it is ultimately to drive a sale or create an opportunity… informing, demonstrating, explaining are simply steps on that sales ladder.

It makes our job a lot more fulfilling however as the majority of our clients are able to experience a significant step change in the impact of their new website on their business.

Ocean Magic and NS Boards for example have been getting a large number of orders directly from their website that would otherwise have gone to competitors. Got to love it when a plan comes together!

Monday 9 November 2009

New logo for PaTCAG

PATCAGThis logo was based on a design by a local school kid called Matt Alcock. His design was selected from several entries from local school children at the PaTCAG AGM held at Padstow School. I had the job of taking his design and converting it into a working logo – came out pretty well we think :)

Summer of 2008

2008_071708June0021 Probably my last summer on the beach... Thanks to Nimmo, Sammy, Oli, Craig, Bobby and the rest of the boys for making it a fun one despite the brutal weather...

Buy one get one free!

strattoncreber Well as if Cornwall estate agents hadn't hit the bottom of the credibility list with their persistent high valuations in the face of a declining market, they have now started to apply retail marketing techniques to try and drum up some business! How long before it's "buy one get one free" ?



Sometimes you just want to go nuts…

Squirrel outside the office window going for it…