Tuesday 8 December 2009

Blogging with Google Docs

Testing out publishing to our blog using Google Docs!  Who'dve thought it could do that?!

With image support to boot!

Although Google Docs isn't a patch on Windows Live Writer as a blogging tool, there don't seem to be very many decent blogging clients for the Apple Mac platform - and fewer still which are free.  In lieu of a Windows Live Writer for Mac I think that Google Docs might be the solution we've been looking for to allow Mac users to write sexier posts!

There are a few limitations however such as:

  • Although image resizing is available in the interface it just squashes the original image rather than resizing it into a smaller file. This could catch out some users.
  • There is no facility to open posts previously posted to a blog by other users.
  • No support for Alt tags on images.
  • No support for tagging of posts, snippets and other familiar blog features (Google Docs is a word processor after all).

Overall, the WYSIWYG interface, rich text tools and good (albeit not perfect) support of images make this a tool which is significantly better than other free blogging tools on the Mac platform.

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